Anorak News | Chelsea balls: sneaky Diego Costa’s cheating is all matter of timing

Chelsea balls: sneaky Diego Costa’s cheating is all matter of timing

by | 22nd, September 2015

Chelsea’s sneaky striker Diego Costa faces a three-match ban. the FA have charged the snide one with “an alleged act of violent conduct”.

He’s guilty as hello, of course, of shoving his hands and an elbow in Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny’s face? He then scratched the neck of Arsenal’s Gabriel, who reacted badly and got sent off. A three-match ban seems light for Costa, whose antics ruined the game. It’s also lamentable that his club manger, Jose Mourinho, thinks Costa’s antics are worthy of praise.

Writing in the Times, Oliver Kay focuses on Costa’s modus operandi:

Mike Dean, the referee, has been condemned in some quarters for failing to spot what was clear to everyone watching at home, but Costa, when he knows what he is doing, commits his offences so far off the ball that the officials are none the wiser. His attack on Koscielny happened almost as soon as a cross left César Azpilicueta’s boot. Had it gone as planned — and had the cross been better — Koscielny would have been out of the game, or would have taken mistimed retaliatory action, by the time that the officials caught up with play a second later.

He gets away with a lot, not because of the nature of his offences, but because of the way he times them.

Of course , when it comes to being sneaky, Mourinho shows the way:


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