Anorak News | Statins makes you age faster and live to 120, say Daily Express and Daily Mail

Statins makes you age faster and live to 120, say Daily Express and Daily Mail

by | 28th, September 2015



The Express has news to chill the ill: “Statins Age You Faster.

A GP expert in the field said: “They just make many patients feel years older. Side effects mimic the ageing process.”

He is Professor Reza Izadpanah, a stem cell biologist and lead author of the research published in the American Journal of Physiology. He says:

“Our study shows statins may speed up the ageing process. People who use statins as a preventative medicine for heath should think again as our research shows they may have general unwanted effects on the body which could include muscle pain, nerve problems and joint problems.”




The paper cites another expert:

Dr Malcolm Kendrick, a GP in Macclesfield, Cheshire, who has studied heart health and statins, said: “Statins just make many patients feel years older. This research reinforces what has long been suspected. The side effects of statins mimic the ageing process.

“I observe patients on statins slowing down. Some are not affected, for some it is a relatively subtle process, but for many it is a serious side effect and one which disturbingly helps us confirm what we have long suspected.”

One research paper plus one GP’s opinion… Is that enough?


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The Mail links to a report by The Longevity Panel – “The Panel independently monitors scientific evidence that could potentially explain changes and differences in life expectancy in the UK” . It says:

Research has shown that statins have effects that might directly slow ageing. They reduce inflammation, and slow down the rate by which telomeres shorten.

The Daily Mail has more on how taking statins could make you live longer:

Dr Alex Zhavoronkov, an anti-ageing expert, believes medical advances and knowledge of lifestyles will lead to a far longer life expectancy than has been seen to date…

According to the Office for National Statistics, a boy born in the UK today is expected to live to 78.8 years and a girl to 82.8 years.  Many health experts think most people can exceed that by walking regularly, cutting down on fat, sugar and salt in their diets and using existing drugs such as statins.

The last word is from Professor Reza Izadpanah’s July 2015 study:

In light of our findings it is important to critically balance a possible benefit of statin therapy against the less favorable negative effects of statins. While here we present novel in vitro findings, future in vitro and in vivo studies should aim to better understanding the underlying molecular mechanisms as well as to assess a possible reversibility of long-term statin treatment on stem cell function.

In other words: we on’t know if stains make you age faster, but it’s an interesting idea. The Daily Express really is scaremongering.




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