Anorak News | Marquee Watch: Arsenal sent Cech a signal of in tent

Marquee Watch: Arsenal sent Cech a signal of in tent

by | 30th, September 2015

marqueeMarquee Watch: a look at newspapers referring to a footballer as a “marquee”. Today Arsenal’s Petr Cech is one.

The Guardian:

Arsenal had to beat Olympiakos – Wenger had described the tie as must-win – and it made no sense to overlook Cech, his No1 goalkeeper and the one marquee signing that the club had made last summer to make the difference.

Cech is the only signing Arsenal made over the summer.

The low-water mark for this Marquee Balls is in the Derby Telegraph, which told its readers:

Premier League champions Chelsea take on Arsenal in the day’s marquee game

Dictionary definition of marquee:

noun mar·quee \mär-ˈkē\
: a covered structure over the entrance to a building (such as a hotel or theater)

: a sign over the entrance to a theater that shows the name of the show, movie, play, etc., and the names of the main performers

: a large tent that is set up for an outdoor event (such as a party)

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