Anorak News | Yorkshire Ripper: eye clinic opens early for Peter Sutcliffe, no old people or buses attacked

Yorkshire Ripper: eye clinic opens early for Peter Sutcliffe, no old people or buses attacked

by | 5th, October 2015

peter sutcliffe eyePeter Sutcliffe is “strolling in the sun”. Presumably the Yorkshire Ripper also ambles in the rain and strides in the mist. The words are loaded. The Sun is clear that Sutcliffe being allowed to breathe outside the confines of Broadmoor is an outrage.

THE Yorkshire Ripper strolls in the sun at a busy NHS hospital as he is seen in public for the first time in 34 years.

Spare a thought for the nurse and doctors treating him.

Our exclusive picture shows Peter Sutcliffe, 69, on a visit to a leading eye clinic where doctors are trying to save his failing sight.

Sutcliffe was blinded in one eye when fellow murderer Ian Kay repeatedly stabbed him in the face with a pen in 1997.  In 2007, the Sun reported that another went for Sutcliffe with a metal cutlery knife.

The sight in that other eye is failing. It has been for some time.

Broadmoor patient Sutcliffe, who was not handcuffed, shared a joke with security guards during his trip to Surrey’s Frimley Park Hospital. One witness said: “I was shocked.” The serial killer was taken for tests as part of a series of treatments that are costing the taxpayer thousands of pounds.

Anything other than starving him to death in a pit wold cost the taxpayer money.

And what do we think for a man billed as the mass murderer’s ‘friend’? Do we trust him?

But Sutcliffe grumbled about the appointment because he had to get out of bed early. He complained to a friend: “They came and got me up before seven. I don’t like to get up at weekends until at least eight. They didn’t give me any warning, just came and got me and told me I was going to hospital.”

Friend of Ripper says…

Our pictures show a bloated, grey-bearded Sutcliffe, wearing a beige jacket, red trousers, grey Crocs shoes and a cap, flanked by security guards at Surrey’s Frimley Park Hospital.

Red trousers and Crocs… He’s dressed like a holidaying Hooray Henry.

He arrived at the hospital in a dark blue Transit-style van at 7.40am last Saturday, accompanied by five guards from Broadmoor high security hospital. He went into the eye unit by a back door.

How did a photographer know he was coming? Or was it just dumb luck that at 7:40am they were round the back of a provincial hospital?

The witness said: “It was obviously a well-planned operation getting Sutcliffe into the eye centre. When he arrived a hospital security guard came out, took a phone call and banged on a window to let them know he was here. There were a lot of people around as the shifts were changing over and people were going into the eye unit for appointments. There were also buses going past and people arriving in and leaving the car park.”

Buses going past? Peter Sutcliffe murdered 13 women and attempted to murder seven others. He attacked them when they were alone. He never did attack a bus.

The Sun then invites a ‘witness’ to read minds:

“It is quite extraordinary one of Britain’s most well-known killers was walking about. A lot of the people at the eye unit are fairly elderly and will remember his crimes. They’d be shocked if they had walked out and bumped into him. The hospital is busy all the time.”

Would they be shocked? Who is this paternalistic protector of the aged who fears for their wellbeing?

Sutcliffe was in the eye unit for about an hour. As he left he made a quip to one of the guards, who laughed. He then got in the van for the 15-minute trip back to Broadmoor in Crowthorne, Berks — arriving in time for breakfast.

The clinic at Frimley Park opens to no mass murders at 8am. Sutcliffe got there before it opened to the public.


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