Anorak News | Everton balls: Tim Howard in kiss ‘n’ abort tabloid stinger

Everton balls: Tim Howard in kiss ‘n’ abort tabloid stinger

by | 11th, October 2015

tim howardIn “Prem ace made me abort our baby”, the Sun looks at Everton goalkeepers Tim Howard, a divorced father of two and committed Christian, Howard has, reportedly, “got a girlfriend pregnant then urged her to have an abortion”

The story you can read in full on the Sun’s website. But here are some highlights.

The revelations shatter 36-year-old Howard’s image as a family man.

He’s divorced. He has been single since 2010. He met the girlfriend in 2014.

The 32-year-old woman says:

 “He’s a hypocrite and I feel he manipulated me. I feel totally betrayed, a complete fool. I believe he stayed with me to make sure I had an abortion. In the end I made the decision on my own to have the abortion.”

Is she a hypocrite, then?

“I’m so sad I sacrificed a child I wanted to keep. It makes me so mad that he was a faithful Christian and he could behave like this.”

We later learn that she’s a… Catholic. Does that make you mad?

Her next line might be the non-sequitur of the year. She says:

“One of the first things he asked was if I had a phone charger. He didn’t seem like a typical footballer.”

Footballers always carry their own phone chargers, typically.

Tim Howard has Tourette’s. No sniggering now:

When she eventually told him [she was pregnant] over the phone, she was stunned by his response. She said: “His reaction was, ‘F**k that’.”

She then really nails him.

He said he would let me decide but it was clear to me what he wanted. Although we were in the early stages, I believed he was a good Christian and would support me.”

He left it up to her. The cad. The swine.

In messages, she told of her reservations about an abortion saying: “You are blessed with two children. I am killing ours. Eughhhh!!!”

He then told her:

“My logic/reason is . . . it’s clearly not a situation to bring a child into. In terms of us only knowing each other a short period. I’m leaving England in 2 years you know.”

The sensible pig. He then added:

“It happened bc WE were f**n stupid. It’s simple.”

He tells the Press:

“This is a private matter and it is unfortunate that, for whatever reason, the person concerned has chosen to take her version of events public. I have no interest in discussing it further.”

It is private. After all, we don’t get to know her name.

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