Anorak News | Police hunt Southampton cemetery pooer

Police hunt Southampton cemetery pooer

by | 14th, October 2015

Butts Road “For a man to go to the toilet where people are buried is disgusting,” says Millie Ings, from Hedge End. She had spotted a man taking a dump in a hedgerow at a Hampshire cemetery.  “I was absolutely disgusted to think that someone could actually do something like that. He might have problems but there is no excuse for what he has done, especially when there is a toilet two minutes’ away.”
Her mother, Sarah Ings, 39, adds: “It’s vile. I don’t know what they can do but something should be done – if somebody drops litter they can be fined and this is just disgusting, there needs to be a form of punishment for it.”
What about taking the shitters photo and slapping it up online?
What if the man had picked up the turd, wrapped it in a thin plastic bag and tossed it into a bin, or a tree as is often preferred?
Police are investigating. If you saw St Mary Extra Cemetery,  Southampton, call the authorities. It’s the cemetery in Butts Road.

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