Anorak News | Chelsea Balls: Jose Mourinho creates a weak version of Don Revie’s Leeds United

Chelsea Balls: Jose Mourinho creates a weak version of Don Revie’s Leeds United

by | 25th, October 2015

Having picked fights with Dr Eva Carneiro, referees and Arsene Wenger, Jose Mourinho picked on the enemy that he can never beat: the media.

At a press conference he told the pack:

“I’m not talking about football. In football I’m ready to be criticised, even the stupid ones [sic]. Private life, stupid things you bring to light, I don’t like it. So we go to a different level of professional relations.”

The media used to like Jose. If he won’t supply them with catty remarks and self-aggrandizing bon mots will they forgive him? Rod Liddle reacts in the Sunday Times:

His latest discombobulation came when he was accused of “jostling” a couple of teenage fans who had followed him for 20 minutes in a manner Mourinho described as “intrusive”. We might sympathise with him on this particular issue, especially if the teenagers, wrapped up in wounded self-righteousness, wish to pursue the matter. But the other stuff is more serious.

His fatuous carping about referees deserved opprobrium from the FA and a big fine. His apparent estrangement from some of his players and his readiness to criticise them publicly suggests a man who is approaching the end of his tether. The estrangement reputedly dates back to pre-season and has been evident in every game Chelsea have played since then.

They appear disjointed in defence and ineffectual in attack, their most mercurial players — such as Oscar — benched to make way for a grim thuggishness which is losing Chelsea the sympathy of even those few neutrals who don’t hate them just for being Chelsea.

Mourinho is right that a lot of people are pleased his side have struggled this season, me included. But there’s a reason for that and it isn’t simply schadenfreude. Mourinho’s Chelsea remind me a little of Don Revie’s Leeds United – except this season nowhere near as good. And maybe even less loveable.

Oomph! That’s harsh. Leeds fans will make offence at that throwaway ‘maybe’.

Of course, there is always one news organ that will be forever with Jose. The official Chelsea website continues to amuse and entertain with a style of journalism that Joe Stalin might have consider a little monocular.

Highlights are:


The Blues were beaten in cruel circumstances at Upton Park this afternoon having had to play the whole second half with 10 men.

After West Ham had taken an early lead through Mauro Zarate, Kurt Zouma’s header looked to have crossed the line, only for the decision to go the home side’s way…

The goal-line technology said ‘no goal’. The entire ball had not crossed the line.

….before Cesc Fabregas beat Adrian but saw the goal ruled out for offside when he appeared to have been played onside by the retreating West Ham defenders.

He was just offside.

The 10 men rallied impressively however and were the better side in the second half. Gary Cahill equalised 10 minutes after the break with his first goal of the season, but Andy Carroll’s late header, which came against the run of play, won it for the hosts.


The better team lost!

Moments later we turned defence into attack with a brilliant counter, owing much to the intelligence and desire of Matic…

In no other report will you find word of Matic’s intelligence.

The Blues were unable to clear our lines as the delivery was swung in, and as the ball found its way to Zarate at the back post he drilled it low and hard past Begovic.

The ball “found its ways” to Zarate because Costa produced a weak, sliced clearance.


….Cahill produced a magnificent finish…


Chelsea accrued seven bookings and Mourinho was sent to the stands for confronting the referee a half-time.


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