Anorak News | Chelsea balls: Mourinho chose between watching Stoke game in hotel or city pub

Chelsea balls: Mourinho chose between watching Stoke game in hotel or city pub

by | 6th, November 2015

It turns that Jose Mourinho’s stadium ban does not inhibit his ability to watch his Chelsea side play Stoke City on the telly. The game is live on Sky Sports and the Daily Mail says Mourinho will be able to communicate with his backroom staff from the team hotel.

We rather liked the idea of Jose watching it in a Stoke pub, pint in one hand, bag of dry roasted in the other, yelling at the telly and then yelling down the phone at his yelling coach Rui Faria.

“Tell JT he’s sh*t,” whispers Jose down the phone. “And Ivan’s not fit to wear the shirt… And ‘Big Steve’ says ‘tell Mark Hughes to **** off back to Man United.”

This will be followed by a noisy bonding session with Stoke fans about how they all hate Arsenal.

Before Jose uses his time out to best effect, he says plans have been made:

“We have gone through the most incredible scenarios at half-time winning 4-0, at half-time losing 4-0. In between this we have 1,000 options. Dominating and controlling the game, or not. Having problems with this area or that, having four red cards of the goalkeeper, left-back, centre-forward, winger. We have been through these scenarios and we are prepared.

“What is important that they feel protected by the facts. It’s up to the players to play and the assistants to be with them and be supportive.”

And up to Gary Neville, too, and the rest of the Sky pundit team. Just do as they say, Jose, you can’t go wrong…


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