Anorak News | Chelsea balls: Cesc Fabregas swears he loves Mourinho

Chelsea balls: Cesc Fabregas swears he loves Mourinho

by | 16th, November 2015

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The Sun says Cesc Fabregas, the loyal footballer seen kissing the badge at Arsenal, Barcelona and now Chelsea, is “FEELING EFFING MAD”.

This is Fabregas, the Chelsea player who denied being the rat in the camp leading a “revolt” against Jose Mourinho, the team’s manager.

The Spaniard today opines, “This season is being f*****! It’s been tough. Last season was excellent, except for the Champions League, which was a shame… When things are going your way, you flick the ball with your heel and it flies into the top corner, whereas now every piledriver is going off target. Either way, we need to get back to winning ways sooner rather than later.”

He then talks about Mourinho: “Things with Mou are good… I cannot support Jose even more than I am doing. I am always saying he deserves it, 100 per cent. We are not playing well but that does not mean we are not in favour of the manager or something like that.”




Is he protesting a tad too much?

Inside the paper, we hear Fabregas saying he can’t sleep when Chelsea lose. He turns the game over and over in his mind.




Lest any Chelsea fan think Fabregas is a self-serving rat on a mission to buff his own faltering reputation, the Express leads its sports coverage with a picture of the player laying the ball he received for his man-of-the-match display when Spain beat England outside the French embassy in Madrid.

What odds the photographer should be there to see selfless Cesc the good arrive…

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