Anorak News | How Neville Neville got his name (and what it means for Gary)

How Neville Neville got his name (and what it means for Gary)

by | 6th, December 2015

In a very good article on former Manchester United and England defender Gary Neville’s move to a top coaching role at Valencia, David Walsh shares an anecdote that shines a light on the former player’s stubborn will.

His late dad went by the name Neville Neville. You will have wondered at some point, “How could anyone do this?” Just after Neville was born the midwife walked into the room where mum and baby were bonding, picked up the chart and said, “Neville, that’s a nice name for a boy.” A great aunt of Gary’s was visiting and she immediately corrected the midwife’s mistake. “Oh, no, it’s not Neville. That’s his surname. Neville Neville? We can’t be having that.” But her niece, Gary’s grandmother, was affronted at the unintended slight. “Why not Neville Neville? I’ll call him what I want.” And so there you had it, Neville Neville.

Can Gary Neville’s defy the odds and succeed at Valenia? If he fails, you know it won’t be for want of effort…


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