Anorak News | Muhaydin Mire: knife jihad in London, cowards and proper Muslims with mobile phones

Muhaydin Mire: knife jihad in London, cowards and proper Muslims with mobile phones

by | 7th, December 2015

Muhaydin MireMuhaydin Mire waves a long-bladed box cutter in Leytonstone Tube Station, London, allegedly. Reports say he’s yelling “This is for Syria”, although which part of that benighted country is unclear.

Mire, 29,  of Sansom Road, east London, is due to appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court. He’s been charged with attempted murder.

His alleged attack left a 56-year-old man was left with “serious” stab wounds and another person injured.

The BBC reports gives prominence to the claim that Mire is not a proper Muslim:

A video of the aftermath of the attack shows a man being pinned to floor having been Tasered by police, after which an unidentified bystander is heard shouting: “You ain’t no Muslim bruv.”

Again, it’s hard to know what that means. The Sun says the shouter is “believed to be a Muslim”. We believe him not to be Mire’s actual brother. Others believe him to be a passer-by who chose criticism over fighting.

The Sun finds “courage in the Carnage”. But it wasn’t carnage, was it. It was a nasty crime. The hero – and the tabloids always find some human good in the mayhem – is David Pethers, 33, who “went for the knifeman”.

Pethers says, “There was a a guy with a rucksack saying, ‘Calm down, let’s talk about this.” Maybe put it to the vote: do we think Mr Mire should enter negotiations, perhaps at Camp David (“Death to CampDavid and all the gay Jews!”) or a natter at the local Star Burger?

Mire was not one for conversation. So 50,000 Met Police volts were employed to loosen his tongue.

The Express says this was a “terror” attack. It has a longer quote from the nutter: “This is  for Syria. This is what happens when you fuck with mother Syria. All your blood will be spilled.”

Leo McKinstry (Page 12) talks about Mire in the context of “militant Islam”. Although in no reports did Mire shout Alluu Wakbar. He never did mention God. McKinstry says the man was driven by fundamentalist Islam. Mire is linked to “millions of potential radicals in our midst, boiling with rage, ready to slide into violence.”

Leo adds that “one survey  of British Muslims showed one in five of them sympathised with the jihadists in Syria…” No, Leo, the survey did not find that to be the case. Not at all.  The survey was in the Sun, and the Times explained its flaws. It was utter balls.

The Mirror says Mire allegedly knocked out his first victim before slashing his head.

The Mail wants to know “Where were armed police?” The Mail says the attack was an “attempt to behead the Tube passenger”. The paper says Mire allegedly was seen “sawing” at the victim’s neck. Eyewitness Salim Patel says Mire was “sawing at his neck as, like you would cut an onion.”

We also hear from David Pethers in a story titled “How sick bystanders filmed on their phones as I fought knifeman.” He says: “The worst part about it was me and the bloke with the rucksack, we were basically baying for his attention  so he would not go for anyone else and there other adult men standing there, filming it on their phones. I was so angry. I nearly turned on him but I walked away. I thought  ‘Are you crazy. You are standing there filming and did nothing.”

What about the adult women?

A straw poll of Anorak Towers asked what we’d have done. The top response was – and this from one of the females – ‘Twat him with a fire extinguisher.” We all agreed to go with that.


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