Anorak News | Wallaby ‘rescued’ swimming kilometre offshore during sponsored swim

Wallaby ‘rescued’ swimming kilometre offshore during sponsored swim

by | 10th, December 2015



To New South Wales, Australia, where a bunch of marine students from the National Marine Science Centre, have ‘rescued’ a wallaby, “lost at sea”.

Says Laura Sanchez-Peregrine: “We see this thing swimming – it’s like a hairy thing. At first I thought it was a seal, but we came closer and it was a big wallaby, maybe a 25-kilogram wallaby – a big male. He looked really, really exhausted. We decided to help him, but it was really difficult to bring him on board. It’s a really small tinny, and he had really long claws, so it was pretty scary and he wouldn’t let us grab him.”

You’ve got to love these stories. The wallaby has trained, gathered sponsorship pledges and set out on what he hopes will be record-breaking swim. A few hundred yards from home, he’s acocsted by a gang of humans in  a boat, who drag him from the water and return him to dry land.

They even give him a new name, Swampy.

Laura says Swampy, known to his pals as ‘Flipper’, was “remarkably good condition… He stayed on the beach for two minutes, super exhausted standing there, couldn’t move at all. And then yeah, he just went – hopped off and waved goodbye.”


Better check that wave one more time, Laura. Wallabies have more than one finger.

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