Anorak News | Tim Peake according to the Daily Star: a ginger loser

Tim Peake according to the Daily Star: a ginger loser

by | 16th, December 2015

Major Tim Peake is in spaaaaaace. He’s Britain’s first official astronaut to fly to the International Space Station. The British Interplanetary Society says Major Tim is the seventh person born in the UK to have blasted into the great beyond. The first British astronaut was Helen Sharman.

It’s the kind of news that cannot fail to bring joy and a sense of wonder. The world looks up. And it is glorious.

Unless you read the Daily Star, which bills Major Tim as “FIRST GINGER BRIT IN SPACE”. Surely there have been other ginger Britons before Tim Peake was born? We think of Cilla Black, King Henry VIII and James Hewitt.


major tim 1


Inside, spread over pages 6 and 7, Star readers get more on Major Tim. News is that Tim is the first British astronaut – he isn’t – and was not the first ginger to be strapped to rocket and expelled from the Earth’s atmosphere. Tintin beat him to it. Tintin is a cartoon character. And a Belgian.


tim space man


Some irony that as the country looks to the stars, the Daily Star should get it so badly wrong.

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