Anorak News | Chelsea £17m a year for Pep, Mourinho met Manchester United last week, Ferguson returns

Chelsea £17m a year for Pep, Mourinho met Manchester United last week, Ferguson returns

by | 22nd, December 2015

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The tabloids continue to obsesses with who is going to be manager of Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City, respectively, when January is out. Arsenal don’t seem to be in need of a new broom (see back pages above), showing the rest that sticking with a man and working to a plan can work.

The Mail (back page): “Chelsea move for Guardiola.

Page 72: “Money no object as Roman bids to lure Pep.”

Readers learn that Guardiola has “assessed” the Chelsea squad and calculated the Blues will need 10 new players. Yeah. That’s all. We’re also introduced to Mrs Pep, Cristina Serra. The Mail says she could “sway” her husband’s decision.

Daily Express: (back page): “Mourinho lined up for Old Trafford.”

This is a story that repeats. Why would Manchester United want Jose Mourinho, a successful but irritating man with no roots at United, who sees clubs as existing for his benefit? We can debate it at length, but the Express says United’s management are ready to give current manager Louis Van Gaal the boot and replace him with the Portuguese.

The paper says Mourinho is the “overwhelming favourite” with United fans to take over. Really? They want him more than Pep, Atletico Madrid’s Diego Simeone, Stoke City’s Mark Hughes or even the young and highly talented Eddie Howe?

Page 54: “Roman Abromovich will pay Pep Guardiola £17m a year to manage Chelsea. Roman looks desperate. Failing that, the Express says Roman will slap his wallet about the face of Diego Simeone.

Page 52-53: “Four roads: which one will United choose?”

Apparently only four people are goo enough to manage United: Ryan Giggs, Van Gaal, Mourinho and Pep. If you are going to suggest Giggs, why not throw in Gary Nevill’s name? Giggs is mute on the United bench as Van Gaal’s team bore. Neville is vocal, talented and willing to stand front row centre.

The Mirror (back page): “Fergie Time.”

Alex Ferguson will have a say in the next United boss. This is the same man who told United to pick David Moyes.

Pages 52-53: “Van Gaal’s A Marked Man.”

The Mirror says Van Gaal has to “win back the dressing room”. Has he lost it? The paper says senior players are “no longer behind” the Dutchman. For over £100,000-a-week they should be.

The Star (back page): “Jose’ £16m Hit To Join United”

Mourinho is willing to earn less than he was at Chelsea to manage United. Mourinho earned £10m a season at Chelsea. He says he will take closer to Van Gaal’s salary to manage United. If sacked, Van Gaal would be due around £9m compensation.

The Sun (back page): “Roman all out to get Pep.” That much seems clear.

In “Louis Van Guard” we read that security has been hired to protect Van Gaal form Man United fans.

Pages 54-55: “Sun sports can reveal that Jose has been watching all of United’s game this season in forensic detail” – as one might examine a corpse. United make 72 passes per shot. They have made more backwards passes and sideways passes than any other team. They are painfully dull.

Over in the Times, Pep is not going to Chelsea. He’s off to Manchester City. Surely City offers Pep what he wants: terrific structure, massive funds, no Jose hangover and no trigger-happy Roman.



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