Anorak News | The Jihadi John show jumps the shark with a little sidekick and new star

The Jihadi John show jumps the shark with a little sidekick and new star

by | 4th, January 2016

tumblr_o0eelafo9f1u5f06vo1_1280Meet the “New Jihadi John”. You might call him the new improved Jihadi John, given that the latest televised ex-pat murderer is using a gun, having upgraded from a knife, to off enemies of ISIS.

The Mirror leads with John II, reporting that a British nutjob has been filmed apparently murdering 5 men accused of spying for Britain.

John II has a flimsy grasp of the English language, telling David Cameron in a video, “We continue jihad and one day invade your land.” Innit.

Note: Dave’s land is a small estate in Oxfordshire.

John calls Cameron “mule of the Jews”. Do they let Jews or anything other than thoroughbred police horses into Chipping Norton? Has a Jew ever ridden with the hunt? Jihadi John’s knowledge of the local geography and toffs’ attitudes to The Tribe is questionable.

The paper reminds us that the original Jihadi John was Mohammed Emwazi. He was killed by a drone strike last November. The paper says this latest “incarnation” is “likely to meet a violent end”.

And what of his little sidekick, an irritating Jihadi-doo? The young boy pops up at the end of the snuff movie to declare: “We will kill the Kuffar over there.”

Jihadi-doo is on the cover of the Sun. They say the lad has a British accent.

The world has seen many examples of child soldiers, but the notion of being massacred by a toddler is intriguing. Can he hold the gun and fire without hurting himself? Will he be distracted by cartoons? Do we all die at play time?

But, ultimately, a rebooted star and a sidekick is always an admittance of failure.

They’re being beaten, aren’t they.

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