Anorak News | Republicans count on evangelical Christians and other dinosaurs

Republicans count on evangelical Christians and other dinosaurs

by | 4th, February 2016

preacherAmazing news in the Washington Spectator. Lou Dubose writes:

Make them talk about evolution: Why won’t a single Republican presidential candidate admit that Darwin’s right

They don’t believe in science, and pander to evangelicals — as a result, the Republicans remain a party of stupid

Why would the leading Republicans “pander” to evangelical Christians? Any idea, Lou?

…as the Republican presidential campaign caravan turns toward Iowa, and shortly thereafter South Carolina, the lawsuit is a window into the world of fundamentalist Christians, who dominate the primaries in both states and without whom Republicans cannot win a presidential election.

Who knew that politicians seek to win votes by not disagreeing with their voters’ fundamental religious beliefs?

No candidate running for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination has publically accepted the theory of evolution. Their views on the subject—from the imbecilic observations of neurosurgeon Ben Carson to the disingenuous position of Jeb Bush—are calculated to attract evangelical voters.

No. Not attract. Just not to alienate a section of Republican voters.

Next week: why politicians never tell a mother her baby is ugly.

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