Anorak News | Penny Lancaster: ‘I wear my period on my wrist’

Penny Lancaster: ‘I wear my period on my wrist’

by | 5th, February 2016

Penny Lancaster periodBig news of those of you wearing Kabbala-style red bracelets. Mrs Rod Stewart, Penny Lancaster, revealed on ITV’s Loose Women that she wears a red ‘bracelet’ to signal to anyone it’s her period. “It warns men it’s that time of the months,” says Penny. “So you don’t have to keep explaining it.”

In days of yore, women would just use a red sheet to make much the same statement.

You wonder what other signals Penny and Rod give one another to show their hormonal state. If you see Penny in a gold broach, does it mean ‘Egg and chops for dinner’? If Rod’s in a studded dog collar, does Penny toss him out the back door and not expert him home til morning?



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