Anorak News | Manchester United balls: Van Gaal laughs off jourbnalists working for Jose Mourinho’s PR machine

Manchester United balls: Van Gaal laughs off jourbnalists working for Jose Mourinho’s PR machine

by | 8th, February 2016

Manchester United were denied an away win at Chelsea by an injury-time Diego Costa strike. At the post-match Press conference, a journalist asked Louis Van Gaal, Man United’s manager, about getting the sack and being replaced by Jose Mourinho. The Mail leads with LVG’s reply, which Sami Mokbel calls a “bizarre rant”.

Mourinho is looking for work. He wants to manage Manchester United. Why United would want the divisive Portuguese coach at the ‘Theatre of Dreams” is a moot point.  But he’s looking for work, and the Mourinho to Man United PR campaign is in full swing.

Rob Harris of the Associated Press has the full text of what the tabloids call Van Gaal’s “fury at Mourinho job talk” (Mirror):

Harris to Van Gaal: “Although you dropped points, the performances are improving. Do you think that is important while the club are trying to replace you that you are put in the performances that show you might be value to the club?”

Van Gaal: “You have spoken with Ed Woodward?”

Harris: “Well the club aren’t denying it.”

Van Gaal: “Why do they have to deny? I don’t interfere neither. Why do the club have to deny it when you are creating stories?”

Harris: “I don’t know if you know what I write.”

Van Gaal: “OK, OK, so you haven’t spoken to Ed Woodward or the Glazers, so you are inventing this story. I don’t have to answer this question and I shall repeat myself every week. Now I have to say that you are getting the sack tomorrow. What is your name? Then I can announce the name also.”

Fury? Van Gal seem to have made a reasoned argument. Harris has not heard from anyone at Man chester United about moves to replace Van Gaal. Like us, he just read it in the papers.

Journalism is about getting the scoop – it’s about filling the space not already occupied by adverts.

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