Anorak News | Life imitates Father Ted: Catholic priest in cocaine and Nazi video

Life imitates Father Ted: Catholic priest in cocaine and Nazi video

by | 29th, February 2016

father ted naziLife imitates Father Ted: “Catholic priest is caught on video snorting cocaine in a room full of Nazi memorabilia.”

The Mail hones in on Father Stephen Crossan, 37, who “is said to have sniffed the class A drug through a £10 note at the end of a night of drinking beers and whiskey.”

A £10 note. None of the euro muck. The devil is in the detail.

The Sun takes up the tale:

Blowman Catholic: Nazi hoard priest snorts cocaine in shocking video

Father Stephen Crossan, 37, sniffed a large line of the Class A drug through a £10 note while chatting to a pal in a room containing Nazi memorabilia… Crossan has admitted taking drugs. He confessed: “It was just the one night and that was it. I do not have an issue with drugs.”

Does anyone still have issue with a man taking drugs?

A source said revellers went back to Fr Crossan’s house at 11am for seven hours after a party host asked them to leave. They were stunned to see Nazi memorabilia including flags, hats and an eagle with a swastika on a plinth on his mantelpiece.

We  too are shocked – Nazi fans are supposed to have a cellar for their collections.

A source tells us:

“The house was lovely but we were stunned to see the Nazi stuff. It was all over the house. At one point Stephen put on a cap and did the Nazi salute. It’s shocking. He’s supposed to be an upstanding member of society. He shouldn’t be taking drugs.”

But the Nazi stuff is de rigueur. He replies:

The ex-prison chaplain said of the memorabilia: “I’m no Nazi. I collect historical stuff. There’s stuff there from every country.”


Well, the Nazis did like to travel…

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