Anorak News | Cheryl And Liam Payne spin their great romance

Cheryl And Liam Payne spin their great romance

by | 7th, March 2016

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Cheryl Tweedy Cole Fernandez-Varsini is seen stepping out with One Direction’s dullest member Liam Payne. The Mirror says the pair are “definitely an item”. In no way is this a PR stunt to keep us interested in The X Factor show, on which both feature, to make Liam look shaggable and Chezza down with the kids.

They were spotted “sneaking into a casino”. The couple – dubbed ‘Chayne ‘ – snuck in by getting out of a large Range Rover and going in the front entrance of Crockford’s a casino in central London.

One “onlooker” there to spot the sneaking and able to contact the press tells the Mirror: “Liam made sure she got out of the car and into venue safely.”

That’s Cheryl who once punched a toilet attendant in the face. What odds he was waiting for her muscle?

“He was doting on her,” continues the eyewitness in everyday language, “they looked like any other couple on a date night.”

The Mail employs much the same language to describe the couple’s “date night”: “Cheryl, 32, looked glamorous for their date night, revealing a lot of leg in her slinky dress as she was helped out of the cab by her doting 22-year-old beau.”

This sneaking also features in the Sun, where the same picture by Xposure appears. Their website boasts: “Xposure Photo Agency was founded in 2001 by ‘The Taylors’. Since it’s inception the agency has gained a high regard in the celebrity image industry.”

The Sun says Liam “attentively helped Cheryl out of a taxi”.

As for Crockfords casino, it’s owned by the Genting group – who also sponsors the NEC arena, Birmingham, where you can watch the X Factor Live tour.

Feel the love.


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