Anorak News | Arsenal murder Watford in FA Cup war

Arsenal murder Watford in FA Cup war

by | 14th, March 2016

WEnger FA CupDid you jeer as Arsenal were “dumped” from the FA Cup?  The Mirror says Arsenal fans did in a lead sports story headlined “What A Farce”.

It’s all enjoyable hyperbolic stuff from John Cross, who seems to forget that when papers scream about the magic of the FA Cup, they don’t mean the supernatural wonder of the biggest teams winning it every year. Arsenal lost to fellow Premier League club Watford thanks to a “wonder goal” and their athletic, spirited performance – the Gunners were unlucky, missing a host of chances to score, including an open goal – and the world is at an end.

These are a few highlights from Mr Cross’s story – and is he a product of nominative determinism?

“Wenger’s men were booed off after Watford ended the Gunners’ hopes of winning the Cup for a third year running”

Not winning the FA Cup every year is a travesty. There were some boos, but not many.

“The season is effectively over for Arsenal. And you wonder whether it is also the end of the road for Wenger.”

So says Cross, who told us exactly when Wenger will reach the end of the road, providing us with a date:


june 30 wenger


“…Wenger stormed out of a radio interview when asked if the holders’ cup exit puts his future under threat”

In the Times he “walked out”.

“The most worrying aspect for the Gunners is they look dead on their feet”

That’s the same Gunners who hit the post in stoppage time and then missed an open goal. Had it gone in – and it seemed simpler to score – what price headlines praising Arenal’s never-say-die attitude?

Indeed, deep into his story, Cross says the Watford defence made a “series of heroic blocks, interception and headers”. At the end it was”like The Alamo”.

In The Alamo, the victorious Mexicans kill all of the Texan defenders. But, as we said, it’s wonderfully hyperbolic stuff from the Mirror’s man in the know.

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