Anorak News | The Psychoactive Substances Act is off its head and up its arse

The Psychoactive Substances Act is off its head and up its arse

by | 16th, March 2016

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 17.51.03The Psychoactive Substances Act seeks to “ban the new generation of psychoactive drugs”.

It will soon be illegal to produce, supply or possess any drug capable of producing a psychoactive effect. You know, like LSD, magic mushrooms, vodka and tobacco. No, not quite. The Act excludes food, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, and medical products.

The stuff the elites like to get a buzz from are ok. The stuff the kids like to try out are forbidden, which, of course, will help to keep bath salts, dried winnits or whatever other crud Matt ‘The Talc’ has on sale edgy and counter-culture cool.

You might laugh – but not with laughing gas, the stuff the tabloids call – get this – ‘hippy crack’. That’s going to be illegal, too. Law-abiding hippies who need a laugh will have to make do with the Michael McIntyre boxset and jokes about greasers.

And how bad is are these new drugs? Voice of America says they’re very bad. This from March 3:

Illegal heroin and psychoactive substances pose emerging worldwide threats, an annual State Department report to Congress said.

The International Narcotics Control Strategy report, released Wednesday, offers details on efforts by foreign governments to reduce drug production and trafficking and related money laundering and terrorist financing.

Doesn’t prohibition create the trafficking and illegality? Banning something does not lead to a reduction in demand. It just alters the market.

Improved international reporting on drug use has led to a better understanding of heroin and psychoactive drug problems worldwide, a State Department representative told VOA on background.

More than half of the countries listed in the report cite heroin as one of their major drug control problems…

The report also found psychoactive drugs are a “rapidly spreading danger, particularly in Africa and in much of Asia” due to cheap production and the difficulty of regulating their manufacture.

The popularity of cheap drugs is rising at a higher rate the expensive kinds. Is this a shock?

What about investigating psychoactive drugs for any benefits? The Independent:

In January of this year Home Office minister Mike Penning said that the Government “recognizes that representations have been made to the effect that ‘poppers’ have a beneficial health and relationship effect in enabling anal sex for some men who have sex with men, amid concern about the impact of the ban on these men.”

He said the Home Office would consider “whether there is evidence to support these claims and, if so, whether it is sufficient to justify exempting the alkyl nitrites group.”

The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drug says poppers are not ‘psychoactive substance’ under the terms of the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016.”

And a millions arseholes agree.

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