Anorak News | Daily Mail Scare Story: cake contains sugar!

Daily Mail Scare Story: cake contains sugar!

by | 1st, April 2016

Siofra Brennan has news for Daily Mail readers: “Revealed: How ‘healthy’ high street breakfasts that contain MORE sugar than a can of cola – and as much fat as a McDonald’s bacon butty.”

What! An entire meal has more sugar than a drink of fizzy pop?

Siofra goes on to make the stunning discovery that a muffin bought from Nero, the coffee shops chain, contains… Well, can you guess what might be in a cake?


daily mail scare story


Congratulations to those of you who answered: sugar. To the rest of you, theĀ Mail has “REVEALED” that a cake bought in contains sugar.

Ban it. Ban it now!

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