Anorak News | Jo Cox: Brexit, white supremacy and what else they say about Thomas Mair

Jo Cox: Brexit, white supremacy and what else they say about Thomas Mair

by | 17th, June 2016

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Jo Cox has been murdered. In a truly horrific crime the British MP was shot and stabbed by her alleged killer Thomas Mair as she walked on a street in Birstall, West Yorkshire. The Press are here to tell us about Mair.

The Sun (front page): “MP shot 3 times and knifed 7 times by crazed loner”.

Twice the Sun calls Mair a “crazed loner”. On page 2. Mair is a “mentally ill loner”. He “executed” Jo Cox with a “final bullet to the head”.

News media has quoted Aamir Tahi as having said the killer yelled “Britain first” as the knifed Mrs Cox. The Indy stated: “Aamir Tahir, of the Dry Clean Centre, said the gunman was heard shouting ‘Britain first’.”

Says Mr Tahi in a note on his shop window: “NO-ONE shouted Britain first at ANY TIME.”

Page 5:  Mair is now a “quiet loner” with a “history of mental illness”. He has been on medication and receiving psychotherapy for “prolonged periods”. Did any of it do him any good? Not much. Mair said “gardening and voluntary works has done me more good that all the psychotherapy in the world.”

Psychotherapists would disagree – it pays better than gardening.

His half-brother Duane St Louis, says Mair “cleaned himself with brillo pads”. “Locals” say he was “very helpful”. St Louis says his brother “was not a violent man…and is not that political. We don’t even know who he votes for. He never expressed any views about Britain , or politics or racist tendencies. I’m mixed-race and I’m his half-brother, we got on well.”

Another neighbour says Mair “keeps himself to himself… He has lived her for 40 years and never caused any trouble. ”

The Sun, however, is searching for signs of something. Another local man who know Mair says, “…he spent a lot of time in the library and liked to go on the computers there. I don’t know what he was looking up.” Why would he know?


The Star says it was a “Brexit-motivated attack”.

At no other point in the article is Brexit mentioned.

Daily Mirror (front page): “The mum of two was shot three times and stabbed by a man shouting: ‘Britain first'”.

On Page 7, the Mirror’s Paul Routledge says claims Mair shouted “Britain first” “may prove to be right, or it could be wrong”.

Daily Express says Mair lives alone in a semi-detached council house in Lowwood, Fieldhead.

Daily Mail (front page):  Jo Cox was “murdered by a loner with a history of mental illness”.

Page 4: A source claims Mair yelled “put Britain first”.

The Sun says Mrs Cox was shot then stabbed. The Mail says she was stabbed then shot.

Page 7: “Timid gardener dogged by years of mental turmoil”. “Friends” – of the, er, “loner” – say he has shown no interest in politics or the EU Referendum.

The Mail says his name and address “appear on a list of former subscribers to an anti-ANC pro-white South African magazine”.

A local man says Mair “doted on his mum” and was a “lovely lad”.

Such are the facts…

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