Anorak News | England fans in Ibiza shorts-haul holiday hell

England fans in Ibiza shorts-haul holiday hell

by | 4th, July 2016

Deli Alli bikini


Outrage in the Daily Star over the England players on holiday in Ibiza. Wayne Rooney and Deli Ali are holidaying on the Spanish island. The Star has a thing about Ibiza. It was upset last week when England player Kyle Walker told glamour mo-del and habitual tabloid tittle-tattler Carla Howe, via a tweet from the England camp, that he wished he was in Ibiza.

As the Star pitches for the Ibiza tourist board schilling, we read that “holidaymaker Emma Hussein of Bognor Regis “couldn’t believe it when Wayne and Colleen strolled in “to the Blue Marlin Beach Club.”

But the best line is with the Star’s reporter who tells readers: “Three-Lions teammate Alli was close by, frolicking in the water in knee-length trunks with bikini clad beauties who were drinking champaign.”

Knee-Length shorts! The dirty, bastar… “He relaxed and joked with pals before going for a dip in the sea – despite still wearing his sunglasses.”

As one voice states: “It sums of everything that’s wrong with English footballers these days.”

Back in the good olds days, English footballer  worse proper over-the-knee shorts.


England footbalelrs

England Kevin Keegan in trusty British over-the-knee shorts


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