Anorak News | Jew stabbed: media turns Islamic terror into a mental health issue

Jew stabbed: media turns Islamic terror into a mental health issue

by | 19th, August 2016

In Strasbourg an Hassidic Jews has been stabbed. News is that the attacker has “mental health issues”, much like the knifer in Russell Square, London, did. Does failing mental health lead to stabbing people in the street? Of course not. But the media reports suggest it does. Dangerous stuff:

The Express: “Rabbi knifed by man shouting Allahu Akbar in French religious attack

A JEWISH rabbi has been stabbed by an attacker shouting “Allahu Akbar” in the city of Strasbourg, sparking fears France has fallen victim to another Islamist-inspired terror attack.

Not to be confused with a Hindu rabbi.

The attacker, who is understood to have been arrested, shouted the Islamic phrase meaning God is great during the attack, according to reports in French media. The 62-year-old victim, who is described as belonging to the orthodox Hasidic sect, was injured in the attack in the Jewish Quarter, 500 metres from the Great Synagogue of Strasbourg.

Was the attacker an Islamic Islamist?

Named locally as Chalom Levy, he took refuge in a nearby bar before being taken to hospital.

The Telegraph: “Jewish man in Strasbourg injured by knife attacker who ‘shouted Allahu Akhbar’

Jewish man wearing a skullcap was stabbed on the street in the eastern French city of Strasbourg by an attacker who reportedly cried “Allahu Akbar” (God is Greatest) as he carried out his assault.

A skullcap. He’s a Hassidic Jews. He was wearing more than a yamukah to identity his ethnicity.

The 62-year-old named Chalom Levy, regarded as a “local hero” by his community after pulling a woman out of a blazing car some years ago, had just stepped out of his home in the Jewish district to do some shopping for the Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest on Saturday.

The Indy:

He has been taken to hospital to be treated for a stab wound to his abdomen, which missed any vital organs.

After visiting his friend, Mr Samama said: “He’s in shock, when I spoke to him he was crying. He told me he thinks it’s a miracle, he told me ‘I think God saved me today’.”

“A man with a knife ran up to him and shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ and then stabbed him in the stomach,” a local rabbi and friend of the victim, Mendel Samama, told the Telegraph.

“He tried to stab him again – he clearly wanted to kill him – but Chalom somehow managed to get away,” he said.

And then the inevitable excuse:

The suspect, said to be mentally ill, is believed to be known to police in relation to another attack on a Jewish victim in 2010.

Mental illness forces you to stab Jews in the street?

The Daily Mail:

A rabbi has been stabbed in Strasbourg, allegedly by a Muslim.The attacker, who has been arrested, shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ — God is great — as he stabbed…

The attacker is believed to have a history of mental health issues.

A source to the investigation told French station BFMTV that terrorism has been ruled out, however they are unsure of the man’s motive.

Officers have ruled out a terror motive for the attack and believe the suspect has suffered serious mental health issues.

When did poor mental health become an excuse for attempted murder?

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