Anorak News | Facebook bans Stephen Ellcock and his photos of art

Facebook bans Stephen Ellcock and his photos of art

by | 30th, August 2016

Good news. Facebook has reconsidered. The picture of 16th-century theologian Desiderius Erasmus’s fingers is not offensive. When Stephen Ellcock posted the image on his Facebook page, Facebook banned him, suspending him from posting for 30 days.


ellcock hand


Facebook soon blamed it on “human error” by one of its employees and reinstated his account.

Mr Ellcock, 59, tells the Times:

“I’ve had death threats, I’ve had stalkers. I have received threatening messages from photo agencies and American academic institutions warning me of dire consequences if I didn’t stop posting copyrighted material… What I’m trying to do is create an online museum in the same way Uber is a cab company without any cabs.”

We’re delighted to say that Stephen Ellcock will soon be contributing to

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