Anorak News | Stefan MacRitchie becomes a footballer ‘ace’ after he drugged a girl

Stefan MacRitchie becomes a footballer ‘ace’ after he drugged a girl

by | 31st, August 2016

The tabloids love nothing more than the story of a wayward footballer. In “FOOTIE ACE WALKS FREE” we read of the “Player who left girl, 14, in coma after slipping ecstasy into her mouth when they kissed”.

Who is this “ace” player? He must be a star name to be an “ace”?

Well done to anyone who guessed Stefan MacRitchie, a 20-year-old player with the mighty Highland league side Strathspey Thistle (founded 1993; stadium capacity: 1600; 150 seated). He used to play for the still mightier Fort William.

At court in Inverness, it’s found that the girl did not know Ritchie was going to slip her the drug at a party on December 31, 2013, nor what it was until she asked him.

MacRitchie was ordered to carry out 200 hours of community work and must remain under the supervision of a social worker for 18 months.

But the mother of his victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, slammed the sentence and said: “I’m shocked. Deep down inside I thought there’s no way they’ll let him walk away from this. Obviously, it would have taken my daughter to die and a murder charge for him to be put behind bars. We were lucky she survived. One of these days he will really harm someone. I’m shocked and disgusted. Petty criminals get put in jail for less.”

She tells the Daily Record:

“She was black and blue. We were holding her, trying to keep her safe, but she was hallucinating, thinking things were coming out of the walls to get her.”


Strathspey Thistle


MacRtichie is a scrote. What he did was dangerous and pathetic. But why wasn’t he jailed? Well:

Sheriff Gordon Fleetwood decided against jailing the footballer because the girl had a cocktail of other drugs in her system. He said the girl had told hospital staff who treated her that “she had been given them by an adult at the party and not Stefan MacRitchie.” Analysis showed that the teenager had also consumed amphetamine, meth-amphetamine and an anti-depressant on top of the ecstasy, the court heard.

We don’t know if all or any of those drugs were given to her without her consent, although the Mail says “she told [hospital] staff she had been snorting white powder at the party”. News is that she had also been drinking.

As for MacRitchie, well, drugs changed him. Before he became a criminal, he was never an “ace” footballer. He only became when one of them when the Press wanted to bash the national sport.

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