Anorak News | ‘Camp’ Keith Vaz’s sex life ‘shame’ looks like gay-bashing

‘Camp’ Keith Vaz’s sex life ‘shame’ looks like gay-bashing

by | 5th, September 2016

The Mail leads with news of Keith Vaz, the Labour MP the Daily Mirror claims paid two men for sex. It calls him “SHAMELESS”, adding: “Keith Vaz was shamelessly clinging to power last night after he was exposed for paying rent boys for sex.”

‘Clinging to power’ make him sound like the leader of the country rather than a Labour party MP (the two positions being mutually exclusive as Labour dissolves under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership).


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As for paying “rent boys” for sex, what else do you pay them for? And boys? No. They were men, allegedly. Why do gay men who pay for sex do so with “rent boys” and not “prostitutes”? There is a whiff of something nasty in the air.

Surely we’ve got over the news that some men enjoy sex with other men? But in his catty profile of the man, Quentin Letts calls Vaz “Camp Keith”, noting his “flamboyant bitchiness”; he was “giggly and silly” as a Minister in Tony’s Blair’s cabinet; he “sashayed around Westminster”; “If you stood  down wind of him you were more likely to catch a whiff of aftershave”.

Is it the alleged extra-marital sex that upsets the Mail or the fact it involves men?


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Aside from Letts (married!) The Mail is aghast that Vaz did not not step down as Labour MP when the story broke. Why should he resign. Did anyone elect him on the strength of his sex life?

The paper says he should stand down from his role on a panel looking at “crime, migration and  sexual exploitation”.  Again, why? If all is true, perhaps he would have a worthwhile contribution to make.

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