Anorak News | Kent teenagers ‘torture’ squirrel and post video on Snapchat

Kent teenagers ‘torture’ squirrel and post video on Snapchat

by | 21st, September 2016

Mrs Donna Lodge, head of Wilmington School for Boys, in Dartford, Kent, responds to news that pupils in her charge mutilated what appears to have been a dead squirrel with a brick, set it alight and posted images and footage of their abhorrent behaviour on Snapchat. “The culprits were interviewed along with their parents,” she says.


Kent school squirrel



The Sun leads with the fact that the pupils are “sick grammar school students”.

There’s been much debate of late over selective state schools. It appears, however, that selection takes no account of attitudes to their fellow creatures. School catchment areas are no barriers to stupidity. Who knew?

The paper notes that the students, said to be ages 14 and 15, were given one-day suspensions from school and made to do community service.

Does community service include eradicating pests? No, not these horrible kids, but squirrels.

Squirrels are officially classified as pests ion Kent. Dartford Council’s website notes:

Whilst the Council does not offer a service for dealing with Squirrels a number of professional pest control companies do, many of which can be found in the Yellow Pages or Thomson Directory.

One pest control expert in the area tells us grey squirrels are pests and should be killed with spring-loaded traps. If trapped in the home they must not be released in the wild because they are not indigenous species.

Killing live squirrels is ok. Teenagers mutilating a dead squirrel is national news.

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