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Sponsored Post: Casinos Revisited

by | 21st, February 2017

Casinos revisited

Technology has brought about massive change for all forms of business, with the casino industry being absolutely no exception to this rule. An increasingly globalised world and the concomitant rise of the internet has ensured that it is possible for anyone to play their favourite table or slot games from their own homes, using an online casino, whereas before the top casinos were only really accessible for the wealthier and more privileged areas of society. This article will take a look back at the casinos of an earlier era, focusing on the 1950s.

As attending a casino back in this decade was nowhere near being the regular, mainstream activity that it is today, both men and women used to dress a lot more stylishly to do so. The television series Magic City focuses on a casino – the Miramar Playar – during this decade and shows how everyone within the casino environment was dressed sharply during this period. While men would generally wear either sharp suits or evening dress to the casino, women would dress in glamorous, figure hugging dresses, furs and jewellery. This was because it was a period when the Strip in Las Vegas was expanding, and becoming more widely known thanks to entertainers like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, but was still very much the centrepiece of gambling in the US – and a special event for those who got to participate in it. Dealers would typically wear shirts and ties during this period as well, although images suggest that they would sometimes roll up their shirtsleeves. Everything about casinos and gambling during the 1950s suggested glamour, from the luxurious décor to the clothes worn by those playing the games.

When online casino launched back in the middle of the 1990s, it did not offer much comparable to this experience, but the sites that became bigger and more established did seek to replicate the choice of games available at land-based casinos. The key selling point of online casino was not the glamour and glitz of the opulent Las Vegas or Monte Carlo casinos, it was the comfort and convenience of being able to play the games from your own sofa – wearing whatever you wanted and at whatever times you wanted. It was only really with the development of live casino options on these sites that serious moves to capture the feel of playing at a big land-based casino were made. Live casino enables you to play online via the website, but with a real-life dealer and gaming table, using a video link streamed live – essentially a blend of online and land-based gaming. Online casino sites that offer this also make sure to provide well-dressed and/or glamorous dealers and an authentic recreation of the land-based décor where you play one-on-one with real life dazzling dealers through amazing live casino online. Live casino seeks to create an experience more akin to the 1950s glamour era of casino – with even the home player likely to dress more formally when being seen by other players or the dealer. It shows how far technology has moved forward, in that people can genuinely enjoy the authentic land-based casino experience from home now.

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