Anorak News | Everton disgust Big Sam with £6m pay-off for dull football

Everton disgust Big Sam with £6m pay-off for dull football

by | 16th, May 2018

Everton have “disgusted” Sam Allardyce. The manager, who left his job as England head coach after a whopping 67 days in the job clutching over £1m in compensation, is available for panto. Allardyce was caught on camera in a Telegraph sting discussing what he thought was a £400,000 deal to give speeches in the Far East and allegedly advising supposed investors in how to circumvent Football Association rules on third-party ownership. He joined Crystal Palace in December 2017, leaving the following May. Last November, Allardyce was made Ronald Koeman’s replacement at Everton. He signed an 18-month contract. Today he was sacked.

“I’m shocked, disappointed and disgusted that the football club didn’t have the decency to tell me, my Director of Football and my staff about the changes,” says Allardyce. “They must have been in the pipeline for a considerable time but no-one thought to tell me and my staff. I’m pretty disgusted. I came into the football club with the team struggling and we have finished eighth in the table. I’m more than happy with what myself, my staff and the players have achieved from when I came in.”

The problem with ‘ big Sam; is that you hope that after years managing top-flight teams they’d play with a muon of elegance. But stiff percentage play and hoof is a decent earner. The sack pays well. Everton are liable for £6million to cover the final year of Allardyce’s contract. The favourite to replace him is Marco Silva. The Portuguese thinks he is owed six months’ salary from his time at Watford. That works out at £750,000. Allardyce was being paid four times more that Silva. The Sun says early termination over a long career has earned Allardyce £13.5 million in pay-offs.

How does he do it? Why is Allardyce one of the names in football’s spin drier, recycled whenever a job comes up – see David Moyes, Mark Hughes and Tony Pulis? They’re managers whose success rests on not yielding to total failure.


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