Anorak News | The Times’ ‘Giles Coren’ hits below the belt in a twitter spat with the Guardian’s ‘Michael White’

The Times’ ‘Giles Coren’ hits below the belt in a twitter spat with the Guardian’s ‘Michael White’

by | 1st, October 2018

Giles Coren, The Times’s self-satisfied journalist, has been tweeting to The Guardian’s Michael White. Or to be precise, tweets have been tweeted on the two men’s respective twitter accounts. Maybe they were hacked? Alan Rusbridger, the former Guardian editor, has seen the nastiness and wonders: “I wonder if @thetimes has social media policies for its contributors?” The account @pickwick tweets: “Self-proclaimed controversialists hastily deleting their own tweets when they get a bit TOO controversial is my new jam.”

Things kicked of when White’s account tweeted that watching Coren and another as yet unidentified person (s) debate something or other was a “clash of egos like watching dinosaurs at play.” Strange turn of phrase. Dinosaurs were egomaniacs? Discuss. White’s twitter account then tweeted: “Do you suppose a meteor strike might take care of the problem.” Is he wishing them extinct – dead? And aren’t they only a problem if you care? Easier to ignore braying ninnies then watch them and attempt to shame them in public, no?

The Coren account took the bait and responded that White looked like Davos is Dr Who. @GilesCoren (GC) asked: “Anyone know who this old cunt is?” To which @MichaelWhite (MW) replied: “This ‘old cunt’ knew your dad Giles. Clever, funny man. What went wrong.” To which GC waited and thought if any reply was required it would be laced with a rapier wit. Or why not save it for Coren’s newspaper’s column? No. GC went full Elon Musk: “My dad said you fiddled with kids. Is that true… He’s dead so you can’t sue him. But he did suggest you put your fingers in knickers without asking. In this new age you may have to answer for this. Of course, you could always not invoke dead men to insult their children. But then you’re a mean old cunt aren’t you. So you do.” MW then tells him to go to bed and “wake up a better person”. To which GC snarls: “You fucking bastard. I’m going to find you and I’m going to beat you to a fucking pulp.” Which given Coren’s demeanour of a cocky softy might be the wittiest thing either of them apparently said. Maybe the twitter accounts were hacked?


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