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Marijuana: cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome is something to worry about

by | 27th, March 2019

How’s your learning curve? A bit flat? Business Insider brings news of something making marijuana users violently ill. This matters. You should know what you’re taking.

Cannabis is all the go in medical and medical circles. The Sun wonders: “Could cannabis oil fast-track your weight loss?” So in tune with the new “miracle drug” is the Sun that it tells readers to look out for “CBD – the element of cannabis associated with relaxation rather than tripping.” That’s CBD not LSD, although confusing the two is plainly simple. More questions follow, like this in the Guardian: “Can we all chill out about cannabis?” No, because the writer who “rarely got paranoid from smoking weed” recalls an episode in which she was so stoned she thought there was something wrong with the car she was driving along a busy road. There wasn’t.

So at what point do you stop puffing away? When you’re looking for non-existent puncture or choking your guts up?

For nearly a decade, the Australian woman had experienced sudden and severe episodes of nausea and vomiting in connection to using the drug. Before that, she’d smoked safely for years with no symptoms. In 2004, a team of emergency room physicians in the country detailed Mrs. X’s experience anonymously alongside a handful of similar cases that happened in the same region that year. In nearly all of them, patients described an illness that cropped up suddenly, often after decades of normal marijuana use. Piping hot baths were their only relief. The Australian physicians dubbed it “cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome,” or CHS.

Although the Australians’ report raised some red flags locally, most experts continued to believe that cases like Mrs. X’s were rare across the globe. Until a spate of similar reports begin to crop up elsewhere.

Now, several recent studies from emergency room physicians across Europe and the US are beginning to suggest that CHS could be a lot more common than previously thought.

This woman smoked weed and kept smoking it for ten years despite it making her ill. Weed, you know, it can make you a little slow.

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