Anorak News | Don’t name the killers: 30 dead in Dayton and El Paso

Don’t name the killers: 30 dead in Dayton and El Paso

by | 5th, August 2019

Do we want to know the names of the killers in Dayton and El Paso? Want to know the name of the racist mass murderer who struck at a Texas branch of of Walmart? Want to read his manifesto? Want to focus on identity, fear, victimhood and division? Better to consider the victims. Jordan and Andre Anchondo had just celebrated their first wedding anniversary when he killer murdered them as they mooched about the shops in El Paso, Texas. Elsa Mendoza de la Mora was a special needs teacher who lived across the border in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. Derrick Fudge was 57 and on a night out in Ohio.

“On the issue of guns, I’m a supporter of the Second Amendment and a critic of the “do something” mentality. It’s not fair or right to curtail the rights of law-abiding citizens because of the actions of a tiny fraction of the population. And yes, it’s a tiny fraction. Paradoxically, US crime and murders remain at or near multi-decade lows, even as the number of guns owned in America has exploded. That said, even within that more optimistic context, deadly mass shootings are on the rise.”

Mass shootings shouldn’t be lumped in with regular crime, which generally features some sort of relatable motive — greed, jealousy, anger, turf wars — directed at someone or something specific. But they aren’t quite terrorism, either, which by definition includes a political agenda.

I suppose the confusion helps push the anti-gun agenda, so I wouldn’t except it to end.

Name the killers?

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