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Why dogs stick their head out of car windows

by | 1st, October 2019

Dog window

Why do dogs stick their heads out of car windows? Because they can and you rarely ride with a tiger or a ferret on the front passenger seat? Nah, Truth is it’s all about the smalls.

“Dogs receive more olfactory stimulation with their heads fully outside the car versus inside the car. And even having the windows down only a few inches seems to provide enrichment and stimulation that dogs will seek out,” says Natalie Zielinski, director of behavior services at the Wisconsin Humane Society…

“When sticking their head out the window, they can smell every person in the street, every trash can they go by, every patch of grass, restaurant and other dogs. It’s like watching TV for us,” says Jennifer Cattet, an animal behavior researcher and owner of Medical Mutts, a service dog training center in Indianapolis.  

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