Anorak News | Man uses dead pigeon as weapon in fight

Man uses dead pigeon as weapon in fight

by | 3rd, October 2019

Dead Pigeon fight

“C’mon then!’’ barks one man (short; grey anorak – (not me, no)). “You’re a waste of my time,” says the other (tall; green-T-shirt; tracky pants; weighty). Mambo Number 5 is hard playing in the background. (Eat yer heat out, Ennio Morricone.)

The small man steps forward, jabbing and winding his fists, like he imagines a real boxer would. The bigger man moves away. Small and mouthy keeps coming. Big and heavy gives him a wallop before moving away. Small and mouthy keeps moving forward, his fists whirling like a child’s windmill on a wet sandcastle. Big and heavy then reaches down, picks up a dead pigeon and tosses at at small and mouthy.

Says doorman Kwasie Mensah, who filmed the clip and posted it to Facebook: ‘Can’t believe he threw a dead pigeon.”

Well, live ones are pretty hard to catch*.

(* Unless you’re homeless in Exeter, a pelican or have the right shoes. But you can always find a dead one and try to bring it back to life…)

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