Anorak News | Facebook knows the Coronavirus truth – Facebook bans news editor-in-chief Zuckerberg disagrees with

Facebook knows the Coronavirus truth – Facebook bans news editor-in-chief Zuckerberg disagrees with

by | 21st, May 2020

Facebook must know the truth about coronavirus Covid-19 because it’s banned fake news on the pandemic. Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg says misinformation will not be tolerated on his social network. There is one version approved of events and you can read about it on Facebook.

Zuckerberg will remove any content likely to result in “immediate and imminent harm” to users. “Even if something isn’t going to lead to imminent physical harm, we don’t want misinformation to be the content that is going viral,” he tells the BBC. Does he not trust his customers to use circumspection when reading news on his website? Does Zuckerberg think Facebook users gullible fools in need of his protection, the sort of people who read one website and believe everything on it?

Facebook has removed Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro’s claim that scientists have “proved” there was a coronavirus cure. No need to hold it up to ridicule and check it for yourself. Facebook has banned it – or censored it, if you prefer. The claim is “obviously” not true, says Zuckerberg. Obvious to him. But maybe not obvious to you. You will also not be able to consider and debunk the view that the 5G digital network has spread Covid-19. It’s been banned. Says the BBC:

David Icke had suggested that 5G mobile phone networks are linked to the spread of the virus and in another video he suggested a Jewish group was behind the virus.

Well, d’uh. Every conspiracy theorist ends up blaming the Jews. The good news is that with so much information out there, the loons are easy to disprove. Ban it and watch the conspiracy fester. It’s grist for the mill.

Says Zuckerberg: “We work with independent fact checkers. Since the Covid outbreak, they have issued 7,500 notices of misinformation which has led to us issuing 50 million warning labels on posts. We know these are effective because 95% of the time, users don’t click through to the content with a warning label.”

So you can still click it. But Facebook has edited it. Which suggests that Facebook is a publisher. And Zuckerberg is de facto Facebook editor-in-chief.

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