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Justice for George Floyd: watch Precinct 3 burn

by | 29th, May 2020

George Floyd murder police precinct burns

People are angry that George Floyd died after a run-in with police in Minneapolis. The key question is: could George Floyd’s death have been prevented? The answer must be a resounding ‘Yes’.

Derek Chauvin, the armed policeman who felt it within his civic duty to put his knee on unarmed George Floyd’s neck and leave it there as the handcuffed man complained of feeling unwell and being unable to breathe, has yet to be charged with any crime. He is innocent until proven guilty. George Floyd was not given that right. His alleged offences were to attempt to pass a fake cheque at a grocery store and then resist arrest. His other apparent offence, as many see it, was to be black.

Derek Chauvin and three police colleagues who looked on as George Floyd fought for life on, his face pushed into the asphalt by the forces of law and order, are no longer serving police officers. They’ve been sacked.

And in lieu of legal justice, the people watch police station Precinct 3 burn:

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