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Is mass murder best for planet Earth?

by | 17th, April 2021

The Guardian wants us to know why Genghis Kahn was “good for the planet”. Sure the forces slew around 40 million people. In every captured town, Khan’s forces killed everyone, even the cats and dogs. “But boy, was Genghis green.” Genghis Khan conquered an empire larger than the Roman Empire during the 12th and 13th centuries. The story is from 2011, but it remains a classic, like the end of snow and George W Bush’s plastic turkey.

The Carnegie Institution’s Department of Global Energy “has concluded that the 13th-century Mongol leader’s bloody advance, laying waste to vast swaths of territory and wiping out entire civilisations en route, may have scrubbed 700m tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere – roughly the quantity of carbon dioxide generated in a year through global petrol consumption – by allowing previously populated and cultivated land to return to carbon-absorbing forest.”

Green murder

In next week’s news: why Pol Pot ‘s human compost is best for Gaia and how wildlife thrived when the Warsaw Ghetto was liquidated.

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