Anorak News | ‘I Love You Earth’ – Yoko Ono is here to rescue us one slogan at a time

‘I Love You Earth’ – Yoko Ono is here to rescue us one slogan at a time

by | 22nd, April 2021

“I Love You Earth,” states the legend on billboards in London, Glasgow, Liverpool and Manchester. Some advertising hoardings bearing those words are illuminated, so you’d suppose the intention is for the message to be seen night and day. You might wonder what ‘EARTH” is, a new banking app, or perhaps the Covid-19 virus has mutated to such a degree it can now speak and has hired a PR firm to win over the masses, perhaps the company that marketed football’s failed Super League project is in need of new more likeable clients. that billionaire football club owners.

It turns out the message is from Yoko Ono, the “artist and activist”. ‘I love you Earth’ was, as you no doubt know, a song on Ono’s 1985 album titled Starpeace. T

he billboards have been erected by the Serpentine Galleries to mark Earth Day. Organisers of the project tell us the phrase is a “reminder to those who see it to ask themselves, do I love the Earth? How am I expressing that love? Could I do more?” A Serpentine source adds: “As communities across the UK return to public places in our cities, they will be welcomed by Yoko Ono’s powerful positive statement for the planet, I Love You Earth.” Most of us would settle for a pint and a hug with friends and family. But Yoko is there to welcome us from enforced hibernation with a something more vacuous than a Boris Johnson press briefing.

The bigger question might be, when Earth has been setting the agenda in the form of a deadly virus, should we love it or pave it over, as The Beatles did with Penny Lane?

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