Anorak News | Sarah Halimi: Jews are the West’s approved target now

Sarah Halimi: Jews are the West’s approved target now

by | 4th, May 2021

It took the best part of a week for the BBC to pick up the story of Sarah Halimi, the Jewish pensioner murdered in an anti-Semitic attack.

Sarah Halimi was 65-year-old when in April 2017, when convicted criminal Kobili Traoré broke into her Paris flat, beat her and threw her from the window to her death. As he assaulted the retired doctor, Traoré cited the Koran and yelled “Allahu Akbar”. After defenestrating the apartment block’s only Jewish resident, the Muslim declared: “I have killed the devil.”

But the court said this was no murder driven by anti-semitism. Yes, it was an anti-Semitic incident. And he hated Jews. But, you see, the killer had smoked weed. Citing Article 122 of the Penal Code, the judges said Traoré had been in the grip of a “psychotic episode” brought on by cannabis use. His “discernment” had been “abolished”.

His crime was that of a “madman”. Experts peered into the killer’s mind and found that he had no case to answer for. There would be no murder trial. Just stay in hospital for the killer. “The crime was the crime of a madman,” said the experts who examined the killer in a long justificatory piece this week in Le Monde. “And in France we do not judge the mad.”

There would be no justice for Sarah Halimi. Smoke weed and ensure your victim is a Jew and you can escape justice. Because it’s different for Jews.

Bernard-Henri Lévy summed up: “A man who savagely beat and murdered an old Jewish woman while screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ is set free because he was high. Another man in France recently received a prison sentence for killing a dog.”

France has ruled: take enough drugs and you can kill a Jew. These are dangerous times to be Jew in Europe.

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