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Superman addresses Donald Trump in 1950


In 1950, Superman, a refugee from a distant land, had this message for American youth.
…and remember boys and girls, your school – like our country – is made up of … (read more)

Posted: 7th, February 2017 | In: Key Posts, Reviews | Comment

Thick Labour voters turn Stoke Central into a call centre paradise and Islington overspill

All Brexit voters are thick. So says Polly Tonybee in an article for the Guardian, ostensibly about the Stoke Central by election. Stoke Central is a safe Labour seat. Well it has … (read more)

Posted: 7th, February 2017 | In: Broadsheets, Politicians | Comment

Buddhist Monkey arrested with 4.6 million methamphetamine pills, a grenade and ammunition in his car

In what officials are calling ‘not a normal case’, a Buddhist monk has been arrested in Myanmar with 4.6 million methamphetamine pills, a grenade and ammunition were found in his car.

“This is not a normal … (read more)

Posted: 7th, February 2017 | In: Reviews, Strange But True | Comment

Snake gets stuck in woman’s stretched earlobe (photos)

To Oregon, where Ashley Glawe’s pet Ball Python snake, Bart, has got stuck in her stretched earlobe. Ashley playing with Bart when it began to side through her stretched earlobe.


… (read more)

Posted: 5th, February 2017 | In: Strange But True | Comment

Beyonce’s womb becomes an other venue on Jay Z’s arena tour

Beyonce and Jay Z are getting a divorce, announces the National Enquirer on its front page. What are the details? Well, it’s worth $1bn and it ‘EXPLODES!’. A clue as … (read more)

Posted: 2nd, February 2017 | In: Celebrities, Tabloids | Comment

Tens of thousands of homosexual men pardoned for past ‘crimes’

A new rule means old judgements are no longer fit for purpose. In 2013, Alan Turing was pardoned. His conviction for gross indecency quashed. Turing, ‘creator of the modern computer’, committed suicide in … (read more)

Posted: 31st, January 2017 | In: Reviews | Comment

Rory McGrath’s sex and crimes play second fiddle to his ‘phenomenal’ wife


The tabloids focus as much on Rory McGrath’s blameless wife Nicola as they do on the “TV star” (Sun) found guilty at Huntington magistrates’ court of harassing a former mistress.

“Wife … (read more)

Posted: 27th, January 2017 | In: Celebrities, Tabloids | Comment

Police ‘holding George Michael’s body’ as tabloid investigation continues

George Michael’s body is being “Held By Police”, says the Star. “Funeral is on hold over drug mystery,” adds the teaser.



That this is front-page news might lead readers to suspect … (read more)

Posted: 27th, January 2017 | In: Celebrities, Tabloids | Comment

Madonna waves the hand sanitizer on kid-scouting mission to Malawi

Madonna is going to adopt more children. Yeah, that’s what we thought. But Barron Trump seems pretty happy where he is. No, Madonna is going to adopt two children from … (read more)

Posted: 26th, January 2017 | In: Celebrities, Tabloids | Comment

Barack Obama’s killers target Donald Trump

The Donald Trump Death Cult is in full cry. Whenever a new man is unveiled as the new President of the USA, the talk swiftly turns to his murder. (See … (read more)

Posted: 25th, January 2017 | In: Politicians, Reviews | Comment

Brexit the Daily Express and the 55 Tufton Street gang

So keen are migrant workers to pay UK taxes, the Daily Express says “more than 1 million citizen” of them will “rush in” before the country leaves the European Union.

Well, … (read more)

Posted: 24th, January 2017 | In: Key Posts, News, Tabloids | Comment

Leyton Orient is now twinned with North Korea: read the chief executive bizarre stament

Leyton Orient FC have issued a bizarre statement concerning the club’s future. When owner Francesco Becchetti took over in 2014, they were League One play-off finalist, narrowly lowing to Rotherham on … (read more)

Posted: 20th, January 2017 | In: Sports | Comment

The Donald Trump Death Cult is open

Donald Trump is going to be assassinated – maybe. The media loves to think of how and when the US president will be murdered. Today, the day of Trump’s inauguration, … (read more)

Posted: 20th, January 2017 | In: Politicians | Comment

Fear President Trump: Obama’s legacy takes the chair

Donald Trump’s presidency is causing one Guardian writer to come over all anti-democratic.
I turned off the radio after Obama said, in his final speech: “In 10 days, the world will witness … (read more)

Posted: 20th, January 2017 | In: Broadsheets, Politicians, Reviews, Tabloids | Comment

SOAS says all old white teachers are racist and victimise BAME students

Are old white, male dons unable to teach young black students? Students at London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) created a report to answer the question they pose. … (read more)

Posted: 15th, January 2017 | In: Reviews | Comment

Graham Taylor versus The Sun: they came to bury him not to praise him

More on Graham Taylor in the Sun, where he is “Golden Graham”, “legend” and “hero”. Taylor “never bore a grudge”, says the Sun, “even after this.” The ‘this’ was the paper’s headline … (read more)

Posted: 13th, January 2017 | In: Back pages, Broadsheets, Key Posts, Tabloids | Comment

Graham Taylor: from turnip to hero and legend made of Sun-kissed gold

Graham Taylor is a “legend” in the Sun. The former England football manager, who achieved so much at Watford, has died. He was 72. The Sun calls him a “hero”. He … (read more)

Posted: 13th, January 2017 | In: Back pages, Tabloids | Comment

Outrage! Muslim finds pork in non halal Whitbread pub dinner

Big news on the Sun’s cover is that teetotal Muslims who eat at Brewer’s Fayre and Whitbread Inn pubs will be “outraged” to learn their beef lasagne contains pork. How many … (read more)

Posted: 10th, January 2017 | In: Strange But True, Tabloids, The Consumer | Comment

First British man to give birth is a woman

What do we make of the news that ‘A British man who fell pregnant after he used Facebook to find a sperm donor has said he will be the “greatest … (read more)

Posted: 9th, January 2017 | In: Reviews, Strange But True, Tabloids | Comment (1)

Czech Republic fight EU over gun control as the ‘Super Holocaust’ looms

What do we think about the right to carry arms? Amanda Erikson tells us:
Czech government tells its citizens how to fight terrorists: Shoot them yourselves
Good idea?

The Daily Express thinks it … (read more)

Posted: 8th, January 2017 | In: Reviews | Comment

A Chinese clickfarmer at work on her apple iPhones


If you’re too busy to tweet yourself, you can outsource the task and others to the woman above. She’s a clickfamer installing apps on a screen of Apple iphones. The more installs an app … (read more)

Posted: 3rd, January 2017 | In: Online-PR, Technology, The Consumer | Comment

Brexit balls: Trump’s Hull declares war on the BBC

Hull occupies minds at the Sun. On page 13, Kelvin MacKenzie praises the city’s residents for their “very good sense”.



They voted for Brexit by a “whopping 70 percent”. Hull is … (read more)

Posted: 2nd, January 2017 | In: Tabloids | Comment