Anorak News | Madeline McCann: Seeking Andrew Gosden, Not Denise Pipitone And Demonising Gypsies

Madeline McCann: Seeking Andrew Gosden, Not Denise Pipitone And Demonising Gypsies

by | 13th, September 2008

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THE TIMES: “One year on, missing Andrew Gosden is still a blank space in family’s heart”

Andrew Godsen is missing. He ran away form home one year ago. He was 14. Watch the parents…

As with the parents of Madeleine McCann, the Gosdens are leading a life suspended. Unlike the McCanns, they have not done so in a blaze of global publicity and suspicion. Mr Gosden said that he and his wife felt “deeply, deeply sorry” for Gerry and Kate McCann and suspected that the two families “have an awful lot in common”, in all but one respect.

Andrew Godsen ran away. Did Madeleine McCann?

“You get a lot of press if your child is little, blonde and female, but it hurts just as much when you’re missing a teenage son.”

It’s a comment on the press, and on we who read the papers, a comment on how Our Maddie is mentioned in each and every missing person’s case that reaches the national press.

Says the caring hack: “So, tell me, Little Johnny is missing, and can you now relate to the McCanns better and feel their pain?”

How many people go missing?

It is estimated that 210,000 people are reported missing every year, 140,000 of them aged under 18. Of these, 100,000 have not reached their 16th birthday. The majority, 75 per cent, return home within two days, and 90 per cent are back within a month. After a year, according to Metropolitan Police figures, 99 per cent of reported runaways have been found. But not Andrew. He has vanished, seemingly without trace.

DAILY MAIL: “Greek police say girl found on Kos is not Italy’s Madeleine McCann”

A child found on the Greek island of Kos is not the missing Denise Pipitone, dubbed Italy’s Madeleine McCann.


Greek police had seized the girl and arrested a 34-year-old Roma woman she was with following a tip off from Interpol after a family friend of the missing girl thought she had spotted her on Kos.

A gypsy! You can never trust one…

But DNA tests proved the girl was not Denise, but in fact the child of the woman arrested.

Let’s get the gypsies! Let’s fingerprint them and make them criminals. They steal children, like the Arabs

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