Anorak News | Chile Sells San Jose Mine Rock At $50 A Pebble: Queen And Cameron Get Theirs Free (Photos)

Chile Sells San Jose Mine Rock At $50 A Pebble: Queen And Cameron Get Theirs Free (Photos)

by | 19th, October 2010

THE President of Chile, Mr Sebastian Pinera, was given a rock star’s welcome at Downing Street, enjoying a ‘clap in‘ by Downing Street staff, a privilege normally only afforded to incoming British Prime Minister. Pinera then gave David Cameron a rock from the bottom of the San Jose mine, from where 33 minsters were rescued.

Chile has lots of rocks. It also has lots of copper and gold, the extraction of which was the driver for that mine being built. But now the rock might be worth more than the shiny stuff.

Pinera later gave a rock to Her Majesty The Queen at Buckingham Palace. Both Cameron and Liz’s rocks were small. This makes them look more precious. Stick the rock in a cardboard box with a bit of velvet and a certificate and – bish-bosh! – job done. Chile can palm these out at £50 a time and be rich.

Incidentally, Cameron later gave the Chilean President 33 bottles of real ale and an early edition of Robinson Crusoe. Yeah, warm bear and an old second-hand book in exchange for a pebble of igneous rock. Dave’s not such a dickhead after all…


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Queen Elizabeth II studies a piece of rock from the San Jose Mine given to her by the President of Chile. Mr Sebastian Pinera (centre), who was accompanied by his wife Cecilia Morel Montes (left) during a private meeting at Buckingham Palace in central London.

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