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The TSA Protest Song: Comply With Me, Obey, Obey, Obey

by | 19th, November 2010

COMPLY with me is the song to hum as your body is put through the hands of the TSA’s dick measuring service and breast groping syndication. Americans are now getting the same stinking treatment they used to reserve for foreigners.

Anorak’s pal behind the Rubber Curtain, Iowahawk, bring news of the protest song of the age. Bend over and grab your ankles. You’re in for a bumpy ride.

Comply with me, before you fly away
Remove those shoes and take a cruise through my peekaboo xray
Comply with me, I’m your friendly TSA

Comply with me you domestic coach class bums
If you opt out I’ll just give you a shout to my icy handed chums
Comply with me bend over here it comes

Once I get up there where your hair is tickle-ish
I’ll just fish
got my wish
Once I get you up there you’ll be squirming like an eel
You may squeal
At the feel when we’re together
Proctology is such a lovely trade
I’ll show you, love with ┬ámy rubber glove
Try not to be afraid
I’d be a perfect gentleman if had just obeyed
Comply with me, I’m GS-8 pay grade

Janet Napolitano says to sprad em wide
Have you tried…Astroglide?
Janet Napolitano knows your clothes are off
Head alof
Turn it and cough when we’re together

Don’t crack wise or I’ll ruin your whole day
Please don’t frown when I pat your down, it alerts the CIA
It’s a perfectly legal practice
Except at Gitmo Bay

Comply with me
I said comply with me


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