Anorak News | Glenn Beck’s Stupidity Outwits Slow Obama As Tunisia Leapfrogs Libya

Glenn Beck’s Stupidity Outwits Slow Obama As Tunisia Leapfrogs Libya

by | 2nd, February 2011

OVER in America, the locals are being tutored in ways of European and North African politics by Glenn Beck. He has chalk, people. He has magnets of camp fires and smiley faces (aciiiiiid).  He has a way of saying Toon-ees-ya that makes him sound like a hick. But Beck knows. He knows that Tunisia has “leapfrogged” Libya. He knows that Britain is burning.  He knows that – and do get this – “the entire Mediterranean is on fire“.

Egypt: The Best Protest Signs (Mubarak: The Hitler Jew Rabbit)

Beck wants to talk up the Muslim Brotherood and Islamists. Only he forgets one small thing: the majority of Egyptians do not want the Islamists and will not vote for them.

Beck, in his oral cavalcade of stupidity, then misses his obvious target: Barack Obama. Had Obama acted decisivivly, told Mubarak to go and backed the protestors straight away, the Egyptians would be cheering for the US of A, celebrating the backing of a huge ally. Instead Obama sat on his hands.

Fear mongers like Beck and to some degree the biased BBC fail to see that this is not an Islamic revolution; this is a social revolution. The USA has a chance to reach out. But Obama is too slow to act…


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EDITORS PLEASE NOTE CONTENT. A man lies injured as anti-government protesters clash violently with supporters of President Hosni Mubarak in Tahrir Square in Cairo today as Egypt's political upheaval took a dangerous new turn.

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