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The Queen in photos: 60 years of laughing

by | 5th, February 2012

THE Queen is making 60 years since her accession to the throne. For most of that 60 years her public face has been steady, a living statue who when you press her palm says something polite and meaningless. If it’s her birthday, a bouquet of flowers appears in her hands and a symphony strikes up. At all times she remains a millinery marvel, a woman in a lid. If she lives long enough the hat will come with solar panels and a windmill in an effort to reduce the Queen’s carbon footprint.

And that expression. It never changes does it? It’s the facial equivalent of Christmas pudding, a steamed stodgy confession. Well, actually it does. It turns out that Her Majesty is quite funny, and likes a laugh. You can see proof in our collection of photos of Her Maj having a giggle. What’s she laughing at? Well, Prince Edward’s not in any of the shots…


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Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh admiring one of a pair of gold filigree candlesticks - which were a Silver Jubilee gift from the Commonwealth High Commissioners in London - when they attended a dinner given by the Commonwealth High Commissioners at Marlborough House

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