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Barely Known Actor From Green Mile Gains Notoriety For Being 51 And Marrying 16 Year Old Beauty Queen

YOU may not know the name Doug Hutchison and indeed, may look at his face and think ‘Uh… maybe… was he in… wait… no… that’s someone else. Go on, what has he done?’ Well, if by ‘done’ you mean ‘roles as an actor’, then he was in The Green Mile and Lost.

However, if you mean ‘done’, as in, ‘gone and married a 16 year old beauty queen’, then Doug is your man! You see, he’s gone all Jerry Lee Lewis and decided to hitch up with someone he legally can’t have sex with in loads of US States.

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Terrorists On 24 And Other Heroes

THOSE terrorists on 24, well…

Fact and fiction – can you spot the difference?

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Blaine Mayer Is 24’s Jane Meyer

HOW many hours in Jack bauer’s day? 24 x7 equals… Says Paul Berger in NY:

DID anyone notice the name of the senator grilling Jack Bauer in tonight’s season seven premier of “24?” Surely it is no coincidence that the senator’s name, Blaine Mayer, bore more than a passing resemblance to that of Jane Meyer, who wrote an unsympathetic article about “24″ co-creator Joel Surnow for The New Yorker in February, 2007.

In that article, Meyer calls out the program and Surnow for blind patriotism and for legitimizing torture as a means to an end. In tonight’s show, Senator Mayer judges Jack Bauer similarly harshly. Though not before Jack has time to call the senator “smug” and leave the Capitol to save America from the terrorists once again–using any means necessary, we suspect.

A hunch can be right…

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