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Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address In Photo


THE Gettysburg Address happened 150 years ago. On November 19, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln made his speech at a dedication to the Soldiers’ National Cemetery in Gettysburg, where thousands of Union soldiers were laid to rest. The Gettysburg battle saw federal forces fighting back a Confederate invasion of Pennsylvania.

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Abraham Lincoln’s wold-be killer Lewis Powell was a Shoreditch hipster

LEWIS Powell (who conspired with John Wilkes Booth to kill Abraham Lincoln) wouldn’t have looked out of place in modern-day Shoreditch.

Lewis Powell

This picture is one of a set of the American Civil War by Jordan Lloyd, 27, and Mads Madsen, 19.

Lewis Powell 1

Lewis Powell is photographed in the clothes he wore on the day of the assassination, which are surprisingly clean for a brutal knife murder gone wrong – the photograph is taken by Alexander Gardner while Powell is in custody on a naval vessel.

More at Photo Chopshop and Colorized History.


Spotter: Brendan O’Neil

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Bird Of Prey Cloner Jessie J Wishes That The Press Would Stop Making Things Up About Her And Her 60ft Long Chin Made From Bricks

YOU have to be rather impressed with Jessie J’s career thus far. She’s managed to cram and entire pop lifespan into a matter of months, already suffering from a gaping backlash that normally befalls artists who have been around for decades.

She was reasonably well received initially, before turning into an overnight hate-figure simply by existing. You’ve heard her histrionics right? God. Doesn’t it make you want to punch her in the throat (figuratively speaking of course, we don’t condone punching people in the throat here)?

Not that she has a throat.

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